Jun 072012

The S4L Book Club discussion this month is on The Hunger Games. We’re going to try out the new Book Club forum. I just posted the first question.

So far, only Harriet and Becca are registered in the forum. I have a dozen other requests for registration, but I’m not giving them access: I think they’re spammers. When you register, use a name that I recognize or give me a heads up on the name you choose. You can email me at mail AT funkandweber DOT com. I can’t tell you how much spam I deal with in blog comments, email, and now forum registration. I’m pretty quick with the delete button when it comes to anything that looks remotely like spam. I’m sure I make mistakes, so if you register and don’t get approved, give me a holler.

I’m still getting used to forum administration, but…well…some sort of progress is being made. I mean, we have a forum, right? And I just posted the first question for The Hunger Games. If we don’t like it, we can always come back here. I now know how to enable you to get select blog comments via email, so you can know when someone posts a comment on a Book Club thread, but the posts will still get buried, as blog posts do. The forum keeps books and topics indexed, which will make it easier to post on previous books and to know when someone does just that.

See what you think and let me know your preference.

No, I’m not going to repeat the question here. Go to the Book Club forum and read it! Click the Book Club link in the navigation bar above. Be brave. You’ll figure it out. Or shout here if you’re stumped. Surely, between us we can figure it out, right? And let me know if you want to be a forum moderator. Not that I know what that means.

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