Preview Promenade Wrap-Up

 Posted by on January 10, 2007  Preview Promenade
Jan 102007

The TNNA winter trade show is just days away. Designers and teachers are heading to San Diego. They’ll begin classes on Thursday, set up booths on Friday, then meet and mingle through Monday. Someday I’ll tell you about this in detail!

All the Preveiw Promenade participants have posted parting thoughts (yeah, the alliteration is on purpose–this is how I entertain myself). If you click on the Ready To Go category in the left column (or that link right there) you can get them all at once.

While you’re there, take a look at these clay buttons. How cool are they?! I want some. Such an easy way to jazz up clothes and craft projects.

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Useful Samplers

 Posted by on January 6, 2007  Preview Promenade
Jan 062007

Check out the scissors case at the Preveiw Promenade. It’s a needlepoint sampler!

Samplers were traditionally used to practice stitches. Today, while they still allow us to practice stitches, they are more commonly viewed as a sort of art form. They are art objects in and of themselves, not merely stepping stones to greater things.

I like pieces that incorporate a variety of stitches. I also like pieces that are useful when complete. Don’t get me wrong, I like “useless” framed needlework. But there are only so many walls in a house! Being able to use needlework, or at least display it in a different way, is handy and fun.

I use the leather case that came with my embroidery scissors. Maybe I should make one instead.

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Felting Cables and Mock Croc Bags

 Posted by on January 4, 2007  Preview Promenade
Jan 042007

Strolling through the Promenade, felting knitted cables caught my attention. I’ve never done that, but I think it would make for an interesting texture–sort of like embossed felt. Using it to create a bag is another attraction. What is it about bags that I find so appealing? Their usefulness? I’m not a purse person, per se (I had to say it!), but pouches and bags scream out to me. Clicking through to the Knitability web site, I found a nifty handbag, which I love, but probably wouldn’t use.

You know what I want to make with felted cables? A book cover. Using a fine wool, so it’s not too thick, I’d knit a long rectangle, felt it, fold the short-side edges back to create pockets to hold the book covers, stitch around the whole thing with a blanket stitch to secure the pockets and decorate the non-pocket edges. Anyone know the softest wool that will felt?

Another offering that catches my eye is the Bold Bags book by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs. After watching Joan demonstrate her Chelsea tote pattern on KayeWoodTV, I’m willing to go with her anywhere, on any project. Her instructions were incredibly clear and her techniques so thoroughly thought out and distilled as to be truly simple. That’s no easy feat.

I’m interested in the faux suede and mock croc materials for possible use with our Tags for Bags, Clips for Zips, and other projects.

Head on over to the Preview Promenade and see what ideas you get!

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Preview Promenade Update

 Posted by on January 1, 2007  Preview Promenade
Jan 012007

I just took my nightly stroll through the Preview Promenade and discovered Phoenix Bess, a 14-year-old knitwear designer. I love the Queen Anne’s Lace sweater and the felted backpack she shows in the Promenade, and her style in general, so I clicked over to her web site. She’s got a pattern for yoga pants! I love them! I want to knit them now.

I never thought I’d be the yoga pants type, but a friend gave me a pair (thanks Beck!) and to my surprise (and perhaps Mike’s horror) I love them and wear them often, and not just for yoga. Knit yoga pants just knocked felt slippers down on the priority list.

I have by no means selected a yarn to use, but I’m fairly certain that it would be cheaper to buy a pair of yoga pants than it will be to knit a pair. Forget the time comparison. So why will I knit a pair instead?

Because I want to. Because I can make them exactly the way I want them. Because I can project my personal tastes with colors and even stitches (how about a lacy pattern around the bottom?). Because it will be fun. Because I’ll be proud to wear something I’ve made, and that’s good for my self-esteem and confidence. Because I’ll learn something and be better able to tackle whatever is next. Because I’ll spend many hours and evenings engaged in and entertained by the project. Compare that to “a bite to eat and a movie,” and that’s way-yonder more bang for my buck.

I believe the money that I spend on yarn to knit a pair of yoga pants is money well-spent. I choose yarn (okay, just about any craft material) over dinner and a movie. But that’s me.

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Preview Promenade…again!

 Posted by on December 30, 2006  Preview Promenade
Dec 302006

I’m having such a blast with the Preview Promenade! When I attend TNNA shows, I’m generally in my booth. I try to get out and see the show, but it’s usually a high-speed tour. Rarely do I get the chance to stop and look closely at other vendors’ booths, except perhaps my immediate neighbors.

Well, the Preview Promenade is my chance to browse, and that’s what I’m doing. Tonight I virtually wandered through Jackie E-S’s yarn photo albums. I’m a big sock-knitter to start with, so looking at her patterns and the gorgeous yarns she uses sends me into knitting frenzy. I’m not lying or even stretching the truth when I say I need some new wool socks!

And I just might need a knitted elephant and some crochet bowls!