May 102012

Save 70% - Now Enjoy Brilliant Courses in Your Car or HomeI’ve finally gone and done it: I am an affiliate of The Great Courses. See the pretty linky-link in the sidebar?

I’m not sure when or how I learned of The Great Courses. Actually, it was just The Teaching Company back then. I think The Teaching Company is the company name, and the The Great Courses is a brand. (Huh. Some affiliate I am.) It doesn’t matter: Whatever we call them, I’m a fan!

The Great Courses
are CDs, DVDs, and audio downloads of classes taught by college professors from all over the country. There are some high school subjects, too. All those classes we didn’t have time to take—or didn’t appreciate—back in college, or the classes we missed because we never went to college in the first place, can now be ours for much less than the cost of tuition.

Best of all, we can watch or listen to them at home, in the car, and on various devices while gardening, picking blueberries, etc. There are no tests or grades, so we needn’t fear Einstein’s Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Even better, we can watch or listen as many times as needed to grasp them. (Yep, thinking of relativity again. When the professor is talking, I actually think I understand. Just don’t ask me questions after the lecture.)

We stitchers often watch tv or movies, or maybe we listen to an audio book or have someone read aloud to us while we stitch. Here is another super-fun alternative.

Our collection of The Great Courses

Our current collection of The Great Courses. Many have yet to be watched. I didn't include the old VHS tapes.

As you can see, we have a ton of them. Truly, we love them. We’ve even bought one course twice: We just purchased an updated version of Alex Filippenko’s Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy course.

I will start sharing some of our Great Courses adventures here. I plan to start watching the Chaos class when I return home. That seems like an appropriate summer subject, no?

Do any of you watch these? I know Becca does.