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Jun 142012

The S4L Book Club discussion this month is on The Hunger Games.There’s a new question in the Book Club Forum and the start of a discussion, to boot! (Thanks, Harriet.)

You have to register, and I have to approve you. I’m already getting lots of SPAM registrations, which I’m not approving, so use a name that will look familiar to me, or let me know if you use something totally random.

It will take some getting used to, but it is a nice way to organize the related posts and keep them accessible.

Go on. Go register in the Forum and join the discussion!

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  1. Hi Jen, a change in some daily to-dos has taken me on a side road lately, but I think I’m back on the highway now. Was surprised to click on my S4L link and find you had separated the JenFunkWeber & S4L sites. Glad to see you also seem to be on the highway speeding along. You might be going to high tech for me, though. . . I want my highway to not be an interstate. I’m tired of seeing just trees and exits. I want to see the heart and soul of the small towns, what makes life interesting. Re The Hunger Games I have never read the series. Even though it’s the end of June, I think I’ll borrow the first book from my granddaughter and put it on my summer reading list.
    I miss seeing and emailing with you. Can you plan some type of Alaska getaway that stitchers and readers can attend at a time and a place that works for you? I’d love to spend some time back on land in AK (yes, really, I know AK is more than a cruise up or down or around the coast).
    Hugs to you from way down South in LA.

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